10 Vegas Breakfasts under $10

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Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Cinnamon Roll French Toast at the Pyramid Cafe: $9.99

*Updated on 3/22/14.

When I go to Vegas, I’m usually on a budget.  I can’t control airfare to Las Vegas, but one way I can stretch my budget further is to try to have only one splurge meal per day, and make the other two as cheap as possible.   Veteran Vegas bargain hunters know that to truly save money in Vegas, you stay Downtown, or pretty much anywhere off the Strip where hotels and food are much cheaper.  But what if you are staying on the Strip without a car, as I usually do? You hunt down every cheap meal deal within walking distance, that’s what.

Here are 10 breakfast ideas for under $10 on or within easy reach of the Strip.  (Prices do not include beverages–which can easily add $3-7 to the cost. No joke.)

Pyramid Cafe, Luxor

You can sleep as late as you want here; breakfast is served all day. Get their Cinnamon Roll French Toast with caramelized apples and toasted almonds. . .or their Bacon Waffle. . . or the Red Velvet Pancakes. . .or–Let’s just say there are a lot of great choices available for just $9.99.

Earl of Sandwich, Planet Hollywood

The Earl is a cheap date. You can get a breakfast sandwich here for around $4. You can also get a fresh fruit yogurt parfait if you want to balance all the unhealthy things you’ve done in Vegas with something a little healthy. Or muffins, bagels, or oatmeal. Bonus? The restaurant has free wifi.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island (a Super 8 Motel) is located on Koval Lane, one block behind the Strip. It isn’t much to look at, but it’s very well-known for its cheap meal deals. Being a solo female traveler, I’ll admit there’s no way in hell I’d make this walk after dark, but for breakfast…at these prices? You bet. Bring your street smarts, but not your expensive jewelry, as you may encounter a street person or two along the way. To get there, walk down E. Flamingo (next to Bally’s), cross Koval, and it’s a short walk to your right. All their breakfast options are under $10. If you go during normal dining hours, be prepared to wait.


Hash House Basic Breakfast

Hash House Basic Breakfast

Hash House a Go Go, The Quad

The only downside to eating here is that the over-$10 part of the menu is going to tempt you wickedly. Stay strong. If you know you’re weak of will, don’t even look at the menu, just ask for The Basic–a two egg breakfast any style, with potatoes, fruit and biscuit ($7.95). Or try any of a variety of creatively-flavored flapjacks for $8.95 (Mango Coconut or Butterscotch Almond, anyone?). Basic flapjacks are just $6.95.

JJ’s Boulangerie, Paris Las Vegas

There’s nothing like a chocolate croissant for breakfast to make you think you’re actually in Paris. There are lots of other delightful pastry choices here as well, and it all smells so wonderful.

Le Creperie, Paris

Le Creperie is what I call high-end “fast” food: It is a walk-up window located on Le Boulevard, the indoor shopping area that connects Paris and Ballys (technically still in Paris). It offers both sweet and savory crepes from 7am-on. They are delicious. If you want to keep the price under $10, make sure you sign up for the Total Rewards card at the players club (it’s free) and show it to them when you order. With that, you can get a Caramel Apple or Caramelized Pear Crepe for just $9.75, a Three Cheese Crepe for $9.75, or a Tomato Mozzarella Crepe for $8.75.

Ocean One Bar & Grille's Graden Omelette

Ocean One Bar & Grille’s Garden Omelette

Ocean One Bar and Grille

Located in the Miracle Mile Shops, this restaurant offers a number of under-$10 breakfasts, including omelets for $7 and Belgian waffles (with side of meat) for $5.99. (I haven’t been there in a couple of years, so the prices may have gone up a bit, but I’m sure you can still find plenty of options under $10.)

Ri Ra Pub, Mandalay Place

This is a great place to have breakfast. Not only can you fuel up for under $10, but you get to listen to Irish music, chat with an Irish bartender (if you’re sitting at the bar), and look around at decor that came straight from Ireland while you’re doing it. The Classic American breakfast is just $9.95, or if you really want to eat like an Irishman, get the Banger or Rasher Sandwich for $7.95.

La Salsa Cantina

This restaurant has locations in Caesars Forum Shops, the Showcase Mall (next to MGM Grand), and the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. It has a $3.99 breakfast deal that includes 2 eggs, toast or flour tortillas, bacon or sausage, and Mexican corn or potatoes. I have to be honest; I’d rather pay more for a better breakfast than this one was. But if all you care about is cheap food, this will do the trick.

Wicked Vicky’s Tavern, the Riviera

A relatively new entry to the inexpensive breakfast options on the Strip, Wicked Vicky’s offers a number of breakfast options for under $10, including pancakes with berries, a Belgian waffle with strawberries and cream, and two eggs any style–each for $9.95. They have an $8.95 breakfast sandwich. If you’re a light eater, you can get two selections from the “bakery basket” for $4.95 (and still have money left over for some smoked bacon for $2.95!).

If none of these work for you, you can always look around for a Krispy Kreme, Dennys, Starbucks, or McDonalds.

Have you had luck scouting out other cheap breakfasts on or near the Strip?  I’d love to hear about it!  Please share in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Prices listed above are subject to change.

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48 thoughts on “10 Vegas Breakfasts under $10

  1. Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of Hash House A Go Go! The meals are inexpensive compared to what you get, but the meals truly are huge. Here’s a picture of the pancake my husband got as a *side* dish to his main meal: http://bit.ly/aOIU7D

  2. D3wayne

    All excellent recommendations. If you want to splurge ,And go over your $10.00 budget. You should try
    the Peppermill. Old school Vegas vibe, and a good breakfast.

    If you find yourself downtown you have to eat at the Bay City Dinerinside the Golden Gate.

    Also, the steak dinner at Ellis Island is awesome. And the price is unbelievable.

  3. Vegas Solo

    Yes! Thanks for mentioning the Peppermill, D3wayne. I love it and desperately wanted to include it, but the prices just wouldn’t work. Haven’t eaten there, but spent some time in the lounge with friends over drinks. Great vibe! It’s one of my favorite places in Vegas.

    I’ll be writing another post soon on strategies for saving money on lunch and dinner.

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  5. Geraldine

    The best thing about Vegas is that breakfast can be consumed at any time. 🙂 These suggestions are great! I’ll be bookmarking this one for the next time I’m there!

  6. Kestral55

    My favorite cheap breakfast last December was at O’Shea’s. A double frozen Bailey’s Irish Creme for two bucks.

    Not much fiber or protein, but who cares!

  7. Sharon from UK

    Hi Gray
    Tried the breakfast at Hash A Go Go this morning, well about 10.30 actually , place was very very busy but I only ended waiting about 10 mins as a place became available at the bar.
    It was great , after have a glance around I saw the portions and stuck to the basic £7.95 and also ordered a fresh orange. I has a couple of glasses of iced water aswell (free , i know Americans take this for granted but in UK they always try to charge you by giving you bottled water , it is still somewhat unusual top ask for tap water and can attract funny looks!!)
    All in all cost me $17 (inclusive of $3 tip), I couldn’t eat all the toast given !! Thanks for the suggestion and I look forward to trying others on your list .
    See you tomorrow Sharon x

  8. Craig H

    All these suggestions are great. I ‘ve been going to many of these places for years myself.
    Earl of Sandwich (Planet Hollywood) is open 24 hrs , so it’s a great snack spot any time of day, now.
    I have not been to Ocean One for breakfast yet , but I have never been disappointed when I have gone there for lunch.
    PBR Rock Bar , again inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood has reasonable prices and portions , but I have not been there yet.
    Along the lines of JJ Boulangerie inside Paris, I love going to Jean-Philippe’s Patisserie inside Bellagio and another location inside Aria. The prices will push your total bill a little above $10 if you get more than a pastry or a drink together but I am not a huge breakfast eater. So, when I don’t feel like a full breakfast/brunch , I head to one of these locations for my morning energizer.

  9. Gray

    I haven’t been to PBR Rock Bar yet, either. Gonna have to try that sometime. Yes, the Patisserie is a good one also, but I didn’t think you could keep breakfast under $10 there, so didn’t include it.

  10. Craig H

    The Patisserie isn’t cheap by any stretch but I just find it too irresistable. They have an amazing hot chocolate. for about $5. I don’t recall the prices of individual pastries but they are similar to JJ’s across the street.

    Buchon Bakery at the Venetian is comparable in price and, in my opinion, worth every penny. The assortment isn’t as big though. They have an excellent Ham and Cheese sandwich on a baguette for about $9. Yes, that sounds expensive just for a sandwich, and it is. But it’s a good portion size.

    These are two of my favourite places to have a splurge meal.

    Eat at either of these in the morning and have a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich or Ocean One later on in the day and you’re in under $20 for the day, or close to it.

  11. Gray

    You know I just stayed at the Palazzo; I should have gone over to Bouchon to check it out. Opportunity missed. Next time!

  12. jokerjer

    Another economical breakfast, the Gold Coast’s Port O’Call Buffet. $5.99 all you can eat. The food is decent, little to no waiting and plenty of food.

  13. Gray

    Gold Coast is a good suggestion, along the lines as the Orleans. And like the Orleans, you can get there from the Strip via shuttle. Thanks, jokerjer!

  14. Misia1113

    Waking up & going down to Kahunaville indude Treasure Island- for a $7.99 breakfast – 3 eggs, meat, potatoes. & toast… The great thing about that is right across the hall is Starbucks so I’ll get a delicious coffee after for just a little more money!

  15. Gray

    Ah, yes, the Kahunaville breakfast! If cheap is what you’re looking for, that’s another one. LOVE the idea of supplementing the coffee with Starbucks, because Kahunaville’s coffee was not good last time I had it.

  16. R N

    I hate to admit this, but I have had my cheap Vegas “on the strip” breakfast at a very un-Vegas-y place. The McDonalds next to Harrahs (as well as other places on the strip). The $1 value menu is the same as all other McDonalds and they usually have the regional specials too. The negative is, that the lines can be long.

    1. Gray

      Do you guys rent a car in Vegas, Ashley? That makes it a lot easier to get to the budget restaurants off-Strip, that’s for sure.

  17. BarbC

    I am so lucky for I just drive to Vegas so I have my vehicle… means I can go any where I want to eat or shop.

  18. mkgstud

    Rubio’s, at Monte Carlo food court, has great breakfast burritos that are cheap. I like that they have a carnitas/pork option.

    A ~lite breakfast burrito or McD egg & sausage is always a nice break after too many breakfast buffets.

  19. Anthony

    I am after fruit yogurt and muesli for brekky any suggestions of where to go. Or a Bircher would b preferred

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      I don’t know what a Bircher is, Anthony. But you can get a yogurt parfait (has fruit and granola in it) at pretty much any Starbucks. That’s definitely a cheap breakfast.

  20. Canadian_Guy

    That is my favorite breakfast buffet as well jokerjer! I find the food pretty good for a cheap buffet and you can take the RIO shuttle to get there.

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  22. Jonathan Holt

    The Breakfast Buffet at Palace Station is 4.99 nothing fancy but definitely filling go late and you can skip lunch with an afternoon snack and bam your ready for dinner and since your under 10 bucks for the day on food the $80 beef wellington at Gordon Ramsay’s looks alot better

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Thanks for the tip, Jonathan! That’s what I’m talking about–save money on a couple of meals so you can splurge on the third! Of course, there’s no way I could only eat 2 meals a day, but for those who can, that’s a good play.

  23. Rod Molidor

    I work odd hours so when I go to Vegas I look for a spot with a 24-hour café, which is harder and harder to find. But I do like the Pyramid Café as well as the Monte Carlo café, even if they are not expensive nor fancy.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Hi, Rod – Yes, it is getting a lot harder to find those 24-hour cafes, which makes me sad. They used to be a staple in every resort. I like both of those cafes, too. They’re among my favorites on the Strip.

  24. Michael Plum

    HI Vegas Solo. I never posted but this and other articles were very helpful on my solo trip to Vegas last May. I got a 3 day comp at Venetian during the week and it was hard to match my friends schedules so I went alone with a little trepidation. Had fun and one morning parked myself at the Hash House (Quad location) bar for breakfast. Was able to get sat right away and interact with alot of people from my seat at the bar. People kept coming up and ordering bloody mary’s to take out to the strip. Oh its not under $10 but an honorable mention has got to go to “Eat” downtown on the corner of Carson and Nevada. Great place for breakfast lunch!

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Hi, Michael, welcome! Thanks for the tip about Eat. I saw it last time I was Downtown, but there just wasn’t enough time to do everything I wanted to. It’s on my list for the future, though.

  25. Kristen

    Blizz Frozen Yogurt, just around the corner from the Pyramid Cafe at the Luxor, has delicious breakfast crepes and healthy smoothies (which would probably serve well as breakfast). Now the price is $10.95, but that’s not too bad. I ordered a Fresh Start and added cheddar for another $.95 and it was enough for two people.

      1. Melissa

        I’m visiting from Ireland and I was told Denny’s was a good inexpensive option – is that right?

        1. Gray Cargill Post author

          It is inexpensive, yes. It’s a chain. Everyone has their own opinion on whether it’s “good” or not, but I’d eat there in a pinch. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’d eat there.

          1. Melissa

            Yeah I think it’s a bit of a conveyer belt situation. I think I’ll stick with Earl of Sandwich. Thanks

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