7 Nonsmoking Hotels in Las Vegas

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Cough, cough

Smoking bans in Las Vegas casinos have never worked because the assumption is that when a person has one vice (gambling), chances are they have other vices (smoking, drinking, womanizing, etc.). But there are so many reasons to visit Las Vegas outside of gambling now (outdoor recreation, fine dining, shopping, shows) that it’s not a safe assumption that one is there to indulge in vices at all. Most of us nonsmokers tolerate the cigarette smoke for the duration of a Las Vegas vacation in order to enjoy the casinos. The newer, larger casinos do have better ventilation systems to help disperse the smoke, and that helps somewhat.

But for some people, “tolerating” cigarette smoke isn’t an option–people who have asthma, cystic fibrosis, allergies, sinusitis, and other medical conditions which are aggravated by cigarette smoke, for instance. If you fall into this group, you might be wondering if you can even come to Las Vegas and enjoy yourself. Sure you can!

You could get a nonsmoking room in just about any hotel in the city, or you can really play it safe and book yourself into a nonsmoking property. They are rare, but they do exist.Here’s a list of 7 nonsmoking (and casino-free) hotels on or near the Las Vegas Strip:

The Signature at MGM Grand (145 East Harmon Ave.)

The Signature gets rave reviews from Vegas visitors. It has all-suite rooms that have little kitchenettes. It’s technically off the Strip (behind the MGM Grand), but a people-mover can take you right into the MGM Grand property easily enough, where you can catch the monorail up the Strip, enjoy a meal, or walk out onto the Strip. It has its own pool area, or you can use the MGM Grand’s pools.

Trump Hotel (2000 Fashion Show Drive)

With the Trump name attached, you can imagine what kind of hotel you are getting when you book here: luxury. The Trump Hotel is located just off the North Strip, within walking distance of the Fashion Show Mall. It’s not a resort, so it doesn’t have the entertainment options or the nightclubs, if that’s important to you.

The Renaissance (3400 Paradise Road)

The Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel is located near the Las Vegas Convention Center to the east of the Strip. It has a very well-regarded steakhouse, Envy. You can catch the monorail next door to go to the Strip.

City Center

Facing the Aria/Vdara complex across Lake Bellagio

Vdara (2600 W. Harmon Avenue at CityCenter)

Part of the CityCenter complex on the South Strip, Vdara has earned LEEDS Gold certification (meaning it’s among the most “green” buildings in the country). It has all the amenities you would expect of a Strip hotel, except a fine dining restaurant of its own. There are plenty of restaurants next door at Aria though. For a “green” hotel, the pool area lacks much in the way of greenery; and be forewarned the sun can be very intense there.

The Artisan (1501 West Sahara Ave.)

If you’re a nonsmoking party animal, this place is your best bet. The Artisan is a funky boutique hotel west of the Strip. The rooms here are decorated in a Gothic style and each one is unique. The hotel has a topless pool and very loud parties all weekend long, so if you’re not into the party scene, try one of the other hotels. . .or bring your earplugs. Bring your dog, too–the hotel is pet-friendly.

The Platinum (211 E. Flamingo Road)

The Platinum is another boutique hotel, this one offering one- and two-bedroom luxury suites with balconies. The property is a short walk to and from the Strip, though you might be better off cabbing it at night if you don’t have a car. The hotel offers a spa, a (small) pool, restaurant, and lounge, along with other amenities.

Las Vegas Marriott (325 Convention Center Drive)

I love Marriott hotels. They are all smoke-free and their beds are so comfortable. This Marriott, located near the Convention Center and monorail stop has a restaurant onsite and a small pool. If you’re looking for a quieter hotel away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, this might work for you.

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  1. Jeremi

    Thank you so much for compiling this list. I just came back from a trip to Vegas and I stayed at the Luxor. I was beyond sick and nauseated for the entire trip once I step in the casino.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Jeremi- Yeah, it can be pretty awful in the casinos. I’m thankful that more outdoor spaces are being built in Las Vegas, like the Linq and the Park and the Plaza in front of Monte Carlo, so I can spend more time outdoors and not in the smoky casinos. The downside of the nonsmoking resorts, even on the Strip, is that they tend to be more expensive and/or out of the way, which is less convenient. I hope some day they ban smoking in all the casinos, but it probably won’t happen in my lifetime.

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