Welcome to The Vegas Solo! This is THE website for solo travelers headed to Las Vegas. What you’ll find on this website are pages of information to help you plan your solo trip to Vegas (which you can access from the navigation bar at the top of the page) and weekly blog posts about my experiences as a solo traveler in Vegas.

If you found this website, no doubt you’re thinking about a solo trip to Las Vegas and wondering if it’s a good idea. The answer to that is YES!


Welcome to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is my favorite solo travel destination


Las Vegas is one of the solo-friendliest travel destinations I’ve encountered.  People on vacation in Las Vegas tend to be a friendly bunch, so it’s fairly easy to strike up conversations and meet new people.  Of the millions of visitors that pass through this city each year, many are traveling alone, either for business (many conventions are held here each year) or vacation.  The hospitality industry in Vegas is very accustomed to solo travelers, and you shouldn’t receive any different service than those who are traveling as a couple or group. So relax and have fun!


Who am I?


At Red Rock Canyon

At Red Rock Canyon


I’m Gray Cargill, and I’m the publisher of The Vegas Solo as well as the general solo travel blog SoloFriendly. I created this website to answer the questions that the newbie solo traveler may have about visiting this exciting city.  I live in Vermont, but have been traveling solo since the late 1990s, and to Las Vegas since 2001. I visit Las Vegas at least once a year (twice if I’m lucky). If flights to Las Vegas from Vermont weren’t so expensive and didn’t take an entire day to get there and another to get back, I’d be in Las Vegas a lot more often. It’s a city that got under my skin from my very first trip.

Two topics you won’t find much information on here at this site are gambling and nightclubs. I have a very modest gambling budget for my trips, so I’m not an expert at that, and I am not into the club scene at all. My focus is generally on the attractions and recreation available in the city, shows, restaurants, photography, and just the general experience of vacationing in Las Vegas.


At the Richard Petty Ride Along Experience

At the Richard Petty Ride Along Experience


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