Best Places to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Las Vegas

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So, you’re going to Las Vegas on a shoestring budget, but you want to pick up some cheap souvenirs for the folks back home. You take a peek at your hotel gift shop and realize everything there is overpriced. You walk through the Forum Shops at Ceasars and the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian and realize if you bought souvenirs there, you’d spend almost as much money as you did on your trip itself. So…where do you go? Here are my favorite places to buy cheap souvenirs in Las Vegas:

ABC Store

ABC Store

ABC Stores

I love the ABC Stores for so many reasons. First, there are several locations to choose from, so you should be able to find one close to where you’re staying. There is one on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. On the Strip, there are ABC Stores at the Riviera, the Fashion Show Mall, the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and the Showcase Mall near MGM Grand. There is also a location off Strip on Tropicana. This is always one of my first stops in Las Vegas. I like to come here to stock up on cheap bottled water and snacks. But I’ve also bought inexpensive souvenirs here for myself and others. My favorite item? A $4 Vegas calendar that I get to enjoy all year long until my next trip.

Grand Canyon Experience

Grand Canyon Experience

The Grand Canyon Experience at the Showcase Mall

The first floor of this store has typical Vegas branded souvenirs, but be sure to go upstairs, too, where you’ll find a lot of Indian crafts, leather goods, jewelry, and items with a southwest theme. The upstairs items are not as cheap as the downstairs items, but the price is still reasonable for the quality of what you’re getting. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping here for my family one year.  (The Showcase Mall is also home to the World of Coca Cola and an M&M store, so if you’ve got anyone on your list who is a chocolate or Coke fiend, that’s another option, though it may not be as cheap.)

Gift Shop on Fremont Street

Gift Shop on Fremont Street

Fremont Street

There are scads of little souvenir shops and kiosks on Fremont Street, the pedestrian mall in Downtown Las Vegas. In between grabbing an inexpensive dinner, watching the Viva Vision light show, ziplining, gambling on the cheap, and listening to one of the bands on the outdoor stage, why not stop and pick up some souvenirs? My favorite store (aside from the ABC Store) is El Portal Indian Arts and Crafts, where I’ve picked up some inexpensive artwork in the past for my home. (My house is decorated in a Southwest theme.) Their goods and prices range from the super cheap souvenirs all the way up to high end Native American crafts and home furnishings.

Bonanza Gift Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop

Bonanza Gift Shop

No listing of cheap souvenir shops in Las Vegas would be complete without mentioning the Bonanza, the “World’s Largest Gift Shop,” located up at the top of the Strip near the Stratosphere and the now-shuttered Sahara. This place has everything: tee shirts, mugs, books, kitschy items, gross little gag gifts, gambling-related items like chips and dice, and things you never even knew existed. If you’re looking for truly unique–or even bizarre–souvenirs, this is the place to look.

CVS and Walgreens

Yes, these are drug stores, but they also sell snacks, beverages, and inexpensive souvenirs. Walgreens also sells bus passes. Walgreens has locations in the Showcase Mall on the South Strip as well as up near the Venetian/Palazzo and the Riviera and is building another location next to Planet Hollywood. You can find CVS next to the Monte Carlo.

Have you been on the hunt for cheap souvenirs in Las Vegas? What’s your favorite shopping place?


13 thoughts on “Best Places to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Las Vegas

  1. sblacke

    Any casino cage. For $1-$5 I can give a casino chip from the places I go to. It’s unique, personal, and small. I always give them a good cleaning first, though.

  2. Gray

    Terrific idea, sblacke! I love it! (And I’m sure they appreciate the fact that you clean the chips first. I know I would.) 🙂

  3. Dave

    I spent a long weekend downtown in mid-October — this was my first stay downtown in over a decade — and I had a blast wandering through the stores along the FSE. I lingered for a while in El Portal but managed to restrain my instinct to buy lots of stuff.

    Oh, and IIRC, there’s a Walgreens towards the SE end of the FSE, right after you leave the shade of the canopy.

  4. Dave

    Gray, yeah, the Walgreens downtown is indeed near the zipline — in fact, that’s where I was headed when I saw it.

  5. JoAnn

    I love ABC stores. I don’t remember if I went to any in Vegas. I bought a bunch of souveniers from there when I went to Hawaii. The running joke was ABC stands for “all blocks covered”.

  6. Andy

    I’d include the Gambler’s General Store on Main St. north of Charleston. Used casino playing cards are cheaper here than anywhere else, and there are 10% off coupons in most tourist magazines. Huge selection of cards, dice, poker chips, gambling books and even a small section of “regular” Vegas souvenirs.

  7. Gray

    @JoAnn – LOL, it pretty much works that way in Vegas too. Those stores breed like bunnies.
    @Andy – Great tip, thanks!

    1. Yvonne

      I just got back a week ago
      Unfortunately i left my bag with all my sovereigns in it
      Is there a way i could get more without going back

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