Breakfast at Morels

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Morels Steakhouse

Morels Steakhouse at the Palazzo also serves breakfast

In July in Las Vegas, the best times to be outside are first thing in the morning and late at night. Everything in between is so hot you feel like you’re inside an oven. During my stay at the Palazzo last July, I didn’t even have the heat endurance to hang out by the pool. But I wasn’t going to hide indoors the whole time, either. One of the ways I like to treat myself on vacation is dining outside whenever I get a chance—especially at breakfast. There’s just something about dining al fresco for breakfast that makes me feel very self-indulgent.

I had noticed that the steakhouse off the lobby, Morels, served breakfast. So one morning I went down around 9am for The Most Important Meal of the Day (trademark: parents everywhere). I scored a seat on the patio, which turned out to be perfect: It was still in the shade of the building at that time of day, so while it was warm, it wasn’t unbearable at all. It was actually a pleasant relief from the constant air conditioning inside.

Surprisingly, there were few other people eating there at that time. This left me feeling a bit skeptical about the quality of the food. An empty restaurant is usually a bad sign, right? Well, not in this case. I don’t know why there were so few others eating there, but too bad for them, good for me, because Morels serves up breakfast in style, with white tablecloths and everything.

Morels Breakfast

Veggie Omelet made with free range eggs

I was impressed to see lots of organic options on the menu—organic eggs, organic breakfast meats, etc. I was feeling a need to replenish the vitamins and antioxidants in my body, so I ordered the Free Range Egg Veggie Omelet (with wild mushrooms, spinach, tomato, comte cheese, and fresh herbs). To my surprise and delight, Morels offers salad as a substitute for breakfast potatoes. I’ve never seen any restaurant do that before, and I loved it! So much lighter and healthier than potatoes. Toast was also included, which came with a scrumptious blackberry jam. All the food was perfect.

I can’t say the same for the coffee. I’m pretty desperate for coffee first thing in the morning, and I’m used to my Keurig light roasts, like Hazelnut or Breakfast Blend. Coffee at Morels was served in a French Press. I’ve never used a French Press before, so I was a bit mystified by it and glad that the waiter served the coffee from it. Sadly, I didn’t like the coffee here. It was too strong and bitter for me. At the time, I thought “Well, I must not like French Press coffee.” But I have had French Press since then and loved it, so no, it wasn’t the French Press I didn’t like. It was the coffee.

French press coffee

French press coffee

Still, it was a lovely way to start the day. Because there were so few of us dining on the patio, it was quiet (except, of course, for the traffic going by on Las Vegas Boulevard) and very mellow. So I didn’t rush through my breakfast like I normally do. I savored it and enjoyed the peace and relaxation.

But the absolute best part of my experience was the service from my waiter. I wish I remembered his name, but this was last July, and my memory isn’t what it used to be. In any case, he was fantastic. I never had to ask or want for anything, because he noticed what I needed before I did.

Whenever my water glass dipped down to the halfway mark, it was refilled immediately. When my coffee cup was down to half full, that was refilled, too. When he brought my breakfast plate out, he asked if I’d like pepper on it and ground some fresh black pepper on both my omelet and salad for me. Très fancy. Just as quickly as he would dart forward to fulfill my needs, he’d immediately disappear until I needed him again. It was like having my own breakfast genie.


Strip view patio dining

The total bill came to $20 before tip—more than I typically like to spend on breakfast, but for the quality of food, service and experience, it was totally worth it. It was a dinner experience at breakfast.  I would most certainly return here. The crepes and quiche look tempting. And I’d definitely go with the latte next time.

Have you eaten at Morels? What was your experience like?

7 thoughts on “Breakfast at Morels

  1. brt374

    That breakfast looks delicious. The one time I’ve eaten here was at lunch during Restaurant Week (the spring one), and it wasn’t crowded either. It can’t be blamed on location; I wonder if people just assume it’s crazy expensive and stay away. I agree–the service is impeccable.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      I’m really surprised it wasn’t busy during Restaurant Week, Brian. Otherwise, I’d say you may be right about people’s assumptions. I also assumed it was beyond my budget (and dinner certainly is, but not breakfast!).

  2. Hetz

    Thanks Gray. I never would have thought about checking out Morels for breakfast. I’m worried that the coffee could be a deal breaker though. I guess I’m spoiled by Bouchon’s coffee, which I could drink all day. The next trip is in a couple of months and I will be sure to give Morels a try.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      I don’t usually think about steakhouses for breakfast, either, Hetz, but I happened to notice it on the menu and thought “Why not?” I completely agree with you about Bouchon’s coffee! Morels needs to find out what it is and swap it out with whatever they’re currently serving.

      1. David

        Can’t wait to try the breakfast @ Morels! I’m staying @ Palazzo Dec 17-22nd on a comp Dec promo offer. I have never stayed here and will follow all of your blogs advice!!!!!
        Thanks DB

        1. Gray Cargill Post author

          Great, David. Oh my God, you are going to LOVE the Palazzo. The suites are amazing. I always feel like a high roller when I’m there. I hope you enjoy Morels–I don’t know if the terrace will be open that time of year (might be a little chilly, but who knows?).

  3. Marc

    The food looks delicious. Never knew they had breakfast. My last trip there (December) wasn’t very good.

    I’d probably never go because coffee is my #1 in the morning. French press coffee is usually strong, if nothing else. The coffee there is like bad casino coffee.

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