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Caesars for Solos

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Today’s review is brought to you by regular Vegas Solo guest blogger, Brian Tucker. Don’t blame the lame title on him, though. That was all me. πŸ˜‰

I have stayed at Caesars Palace eight times over the last nine years and truly consider it my home away from home when I vacation in Vegas. The location can’t be beat, and the management is always reinvigorating the property with new hotel features, shows, restaurants, and shopping options. That being said, Caesars is one of the few “older” hotels left on the Strip that still embraces its rich heritage. It was opened in 1966 by Jay Sarno and the property still holds true to his aim of bringing Roman decadence to the masses, hence the word “Caesars” itself is not possessive.Caesars Palace

The pros for the solo traveler are many at Caesars. As already mentioned, the location is second to none in the middle of the Strip–this dramatically cuts down on the need to take cabs, as you are in the heart of the Strip whichever way you decide to walk during your trip. There is always something going on at Caesars and plenty of people are milling about on the property, so one never feels alone there. This is helpful for the solo traveller who feels awkward dining or drinking alone; most all the restaurants and bars at Caesars stay busy enough that no one will notice.

Caesars Forum Shops

During the summer, the pool also stays quite busy, and no one will be able to tell that you are tanning or swimming alone. By the way, the Garden of the Gods pool complex is fantastic! As busy as it stays during the summer months, I’ve never had a problem finding a chair around one of the quieter pools towards the back of the complex.

What are the cons of such a bustling, well-located, iconic property? None of the five towers has a security checkpoint for keys to be checked. If that is something that is important to your feeling of security, stay elsewhere. (The Nobu hotel–which opens in December 2012 in the old Centurion Tower–will most likely have a key checkpoint, due to it being a more exclusive, boutique hotel-within-the-hotel.)

caesar in the lobby

Even Caesar is going solo these days. (photo by Brian Tucker)

Speaking of renovations, the Roman Tower is the last tower at Caesars that has not been extensively renovated recently. I would hold off on booking a room in the Roman Tower until this renovation happens. You could always book it and hope you receive a free upgrade to another tower. (I’ve received such complimentary upgrades at check-in seven out of my eight stays at Caesars.) But it’s a crapshoot.

While Caesars is more expensive than other hotels, just remember that you get what you pay for. I’ve never had anything less than outstanding service at Caesars, even when a snafu arose and needed to be corrected. It’s a large, meandering hotel with a large, meandering shopping mall attached, but the world-class service is what sets this property apart from other mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Brian Tucker is a former English major who has worked in hospitality for 13 years. He prefers traveling solo because he can see so much more and set his own schedule. You can read Brian’s philosophical musings on life at his blog, Southern Aristocracy.

15 thoughts on “Caesars for Solos

  1. Brian T.

    Thank you again for letting me write another review for you, Gray! Your readers might be interested to know that Caesar has already been moved back to the main casino entrance, a mere few days after I spotted him in the lobby in the above pic. (They were laying new marble down in the casino entrance, not to mention that ‘The Hangover III was filming in the hotel lobby with Caesar.) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the states, and happy travels to international solo travellers!

  2. Nate

    I’ve always wanted to stay at Caesars, if for no other reason than to experience such an iconic resort, but two things have always stopped me. First, I just can’t justify their room prices. For what Caesars charges for their basic rooms, I could easily grab a suite at Venetian. Although if I hit the Megabucks on my next trip, a room at Caesars will definitely be the first thing I indulge in.

    Secondly, my sense of direction quit on me years ago, which doesn’t bode well for such a labyrinthine resort. In fact, I once got so lost in Caesars that I had to use my phone’s GPS to figure out where the exit was. Luckily I had a good signal, or else I’d probably still be in there. If I actually stayed at Caesars, I’d probably spend the majority of my trip wandering around glassy-eyed in a barely-conscious haze. (Which, admittedly, is how most of my trips end, but for completely different reasons.)

    1. Gray

      The price point has really prevented me from staying there so far, too, Nate. LOL, I hear you on getting lost. I’ve finally learned the layout of the Forum Shops after umpteen trips, but still get lost in the hotel proper. πŸ™‚

  3. Craig H

    I have never really had the desire to stay at Caesars as a hotel guest but I always manage to spend a lot of time there. I do love their Race and Sports Book with it’s massive viewing screens and overall atmosphere though. But, for me , I go on vacation to look around and experience the place I have travelled to. I only use a room to sleep or freshen up before taking on Vegas at night, so , spending Caesars’ kind of money for a room just doesn’t seem right for me. As Nate said , if I win the Megabucks, I will do it just to say I did it. Otherwise I will continue to only pass through on my way somewhere else or stop in to watch a game or two when I visit LV again next month and beyond.

  4. Brian T.

    I wasn’t able to see the ‘Hangover III’ cast, Gray, but they had so many velvet ropes and security guards that it was ridiculous. The whole lobby was blocked off and the only people in there were actors posed as guests (this was around midnight on an idle Tues.).

    Funny that someone mentioned staying at the Venetian for the same price as Caesars. When my parents visit next month, I’m putting them at Palazzo since they’re guaranteed a modern suite (as opposed to some of the 70s-tastic rooms at Caesars). So I hear everyone on that front, but the location and service still cannot be beat IMHO.

    1. Gray

      Bummer at not seeing the cast. That would have been fun, eh? When the day finally comes that I suck it up and pay their overly high rates so I can try the Garden of the Gods pool area (yes, I would do that), I’m glad to know I’d at least be getting my money’s worth on customer service.

  5. Brian T.

    My big snafu at Caesars was actually when I was walked to another hotel because they were overbooked during my stay back in July 2007. The desk clerk who walked me couldn’t have been more gracious, and even walked me to NY-NY instead of Circus Circus. (He admitted to me that they were walking the rude people to CC and the understanding ones to NY-NY…I believed him, too!)

    For anyone who might not be familiar, being “walked” is when the hotel you had reservations at is overbooked, and so they pay for a (supposedly) comparable room at another hotel, while also reimbursing your deposit if you had to put one down. They normally also pay for cab fare and one phone call from the new hotel. I was walked for both nights of my stay and was given $20 for cab fare, which I foolishly used on the monorail. Needless to say I could’ve walked straight from Caesars to NY-NY by the time I walked from Caesars to the monorail at Bally’s, and then from the monorail at MGM to NY-NY. Poor decision in the July heat!

    Gray, as far as the Garden of the Gods goes, I’ve snuck in there multiple times while staying at other hotels. They never check keys, and as long as you flash the back of one (the magnetic strip side), you’re golden and look like an honest, legit guest. This same rule applies at the LVH, where I go to lay out when I want no one within 30 feet of me on the sundeck (as it’s always so dead there!). It’s amusing to me which properties are strict about checking keys at the pool (IP requires one to unlock the pool door with their room key) and which ones aren’t.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Yeah I have too much of a guilty conscience to try to sneak into a pool like that, Brian. LOL.

      OMG, if they tried to “walk me” to Circus Circus when I booked Caesars Palace….Heads. Would. Roll.

  6. Sharon Reilly

    Ditto Gray re Circus Circus ,I went in there for 5 mins once that was quite sufficent for one life time !!!

  7. Carol

    It takes way too long to walk from the strip sidewalk into Caesars and then walk through the property to get to elevators to get to your room, then another long walk to your room.
    In that amount of time I could easily drop several hundred dollars in casino(s).
    Enough time is wasted in walking on the Strip. That and the higher prices keep me far away from Caesars.

    1. Gray

      It is a long walk, for sure, Carol. Not for the faint of heart. But if all you want to do is play in the casino, you don’t have to leave Caesars at all! πŸ™‚

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