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9 Ways To Get Your “Geek Fix” in Vegas

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Geek tee

Wear your geek label proudly.

Some people use the term “geek” in a derogatory fashion. Not me. That’s because I am one–and I make no apologies for it. I grew up reading comic books and watching Star Trek and Star Wars, and I never stopped loving those things. My favorite hangout in Las Vegas used to be the Star Trek Experience. I’ve been wishing that someone would open a scifi themed bar or resort to fill the gap ever since the Experience closed. Sadly, that hasn’t happened.

But I was able to feed my inner geek on my last trip to Vegas in a handful of spots. If you’re secretly (or not so secretly) into Marvel comics and Star Wars and UFOs and love to indulge your inner geek whenever you go on vacation, here are some places for you to check out in Las Vegas: Continue reading

Sunset on The High Roller

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High Roller and LINQ

The High Roller and LINQ at night

Let’s not kid ourselves, the High Roller, one of the newest attractions in Vegas, won’t be for everyone. Some people are afraid of heights. Some people find the ticket prices too high. Lots of people go to Vegas with other priorities (gambling, drinking, shows, fine dining, clubbing, etc.) for their time and money.


I don’t remember Disney World ever being this empty

There’s really only one reason to ride the High Roller: for the views. Not everyone cares about the views around the valley and Strip, and if they do, they can get those views more cheaply by going up to the Stratosphere Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Voodoo Lounge–well, you get the picture. But if you are at all inclined to go up, just once, just to see what it’s like, I recommend timing your ride for sunset to maximize your views: You get to enjoy the slanting, golden light of late day glinting off high rises, the pinks and oranges of sunset contrasting with the purple mountains on the horizon, and then the city lights as darkness falls around the valley. Continue reading

Summer Garden Party at the Bellagio

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Horse running through flowers

The Bellagio Conservatory’s summer 2014 display

Because I wasn’t feeling well during my recent trip to Vegas, I spent a lot less time focused on my hobby of photography than I normally do. In fact, overall, I’m very disappointed with my photos from this trip. But I did manage to snap some good pictures at the Bellagio Conservatory one day. You almost can’t walk away from a visit to the Conservatory without some gorgeous shots. This year’s display is called “Summer Garden Party” and it will be on display through September 7.

Snail and flowers

I often feel a sense of deja vu here. I’m sure I’ve seen all this before.

I’ll admit, while I get a little tired of seeing many of the same elements recycled year after year for the summer display (giant flowers, giant birds, kites, treehouse, aviary with live birds, snails made of flowers, etc.), they always manage to add in a few new surprises each year to mix things up and refresh the look for those of us who are repeat visitors.

This year, I spotted a few things I hadn’t–like this: Continue reading

The High Roller is Open For Business

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High Roller

The High Roller at the Linq

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here! (Okay, maybe not all of us have been waiting for it, but many of us have.) The High Roller, the observation wheel that is the focal point of the Linq development, is now open for business. Three cheers for more stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there for its opening, but my roving reporter brother Lee was.  He and his wife were able to take advantage of the free rides being offered last weekend during the “soft opening” and later went back when they started charging. Here is his “boots on the ground” report with some initial photos:

Continue reading

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

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Bonnie Springs

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

Out in the Nevada desert, at the foot of the mountains, just past Red Rock Canyon, there is a little town called Bonnie Springs Old Nevada. This isn’t a town you live and work and raise a family in. Bonnie Springs is one of those family-friendly tourist-oriented replica Old West towns with reenactments of gunfights and hangings and such—all for a reasonable admission price of $10. Good, clean, cheesy fun, in other words.

They offer trail rides (through Bonnie Springs Ranch), a petting zoo, and train rides (during the winter). There’s even a saloon and restaurant on site (with reportedly good food, though I didn’t try it). Families with children are bound to get the most mileage out of this place, but don’t discount it for the adult solo traveler. For the right person with the right attitude, it can be a worthwhile outing from Las Vegas. You just need to know what to expect—and what not to expect. Continue reading