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I squealed like a little girl when I stepped inside my suite at the Palazzo. I immediately decided I would live here for the rest of my life. Okay, so they kicked me out a few days later when my reservation ran out, but it was a nice dream while it lasted. For the sweet price of $119/night (thanks to a Grazi players club deal I received), it was probably the nicest hotel room–make that suite–I’ve ever stayed in.

Palazzo Suite

Palazzo Suite

The furnishings were of high quality and there was enough space in there to set up a running track around the perimeter. Okay, I exaggerate. But I’m not exaggerating when I say it was larger than the apartment I lived in for 9 years before I bought my condo. Think of anything you could possibly want in a hotel room, and I’m sure it was there (except a kitchen; no kitchen). Minibar? Check. Internet and WiFi? Check. A power strip (handy for recharging multiple electronic items)? Check. Floor to ceiling window with remote control shade and drape openers? Check. Flat panel TV? Not one, but three (1 in the bedroom, 1 in the living room, and 1 in the bathroom). FAX MACHINE? Wow. Check. The list goes on. I’m getting homesick just writing about it.

Palazzo Bathroom

Swanky bathroom at the Palazzo

The bed was comfy, with big, fluffy pillows, and the large L-shaped sofa was just as comfortable The living room is down a set of stairs and would have been a great place to throw a little gathering, if you had your posse in town. The bathroom was spacious, with the toilet in its own little WC, separate shower and tub, two sinks, the aforementioned TV, and a vanity. Never let it be said I didn’t get my money’s worth for $119. I stayed in a single room the size of a jail cell in New York City, with shared bath, and it cost me $159. So you can imagine how giddy I was with this room. Excuse me: Suite.

Palazzo Suite

Check out the size of this living room!

But a hotel isn’t all about the room. How did the rest of the property measure up? It was a mixed bag, but pretty darn well overall. The pool cafe, Solaro, was overpriced and offered little variety. Very disappointing for a Wolfgang Puck property. I wasn’t impressed. But the pool area itself was fantastic–very mellow in the morning when I was there, good for reading, which was exactly what I was looking for. The pools and the landscaping are truly beautiful.

Palazzo pool

One of several pools of the Palazzo/Venetian complex

The only other Palazzo restaurant I ate at was the Grand Lux Cafe, which I’ve already reviewed. But of course, the Palazzo is connected to the Venetian, and I did dine over there as well, at Postrio. In all the years I’ve been coming to Las Vegas, I’d never dined in St. Mark’s Square before. I thought it was time, and it was definitely a pleasant experience (more on this in a future review). There is certainly no lack of restaurant choices (especially fine dining choices) at the Venetian/Palazzo complex. The public areas have always been among my favorite in Las Vegas, from the canal and gondolas in the Canal Shoppes, to St. Mark’s Square, the ceiling fresco in the entrance of the Venetian, the Rialto Bridge. . .I could go on. But I feel like I’m gushing too much.

Palazzo room view

View of the Strip from my suite

I spent one evening listening to a band in the La Scena Lounge at the Venetian (which I highly recommend); they were very good, and the place was packed. I had to wait awhile before a seat opened up at the bar. I did not see any shows here this time out, though I have in the past seen Phantom and Blue Man Group, both of which are great shows. I loved that the elevators at the Palazzo played music from the shows here–especially Phantom, which is so appropriate to the theme of the hotel.

Jersey Boys Theater

Grand Lux Cafe on the left, Jersey Boys Theater straight ahead, and Salute Lounge to the right


  • I really enjoy gambling at the Palazzo. They have all the best and latest video slot machines I love. I got a chance to play the Hangover slots for the first time. It was definitely fun, but alas, my ten year losing streak in Vegas held out.
  • For your security, the hotel checks room keys at the elevators all day, every day.

Floral fountain display at the Palazzo

Were there any negatives about the Palazzo? Sure:

  • The safe was broken when I checked in, so I had to have engineering come fix it. It stayed fixed for less than a day. After that, I gave up on it and just locked my valuables in my suitcase.
  • You realize just how far north this hotel is when you have to walk back here from mid-Strip. I wish I could pick it up and move it a bit further south.
  • I stopped to listen to the dueling pianos at Salute Lounge one evening. They haven’t improved since the last time I saw them.

Overall, this hotel is a fabulous place to stay. It isn’t always as cheap as the deal I got, of course, but it helps if you sign up for their players club; God knows I haven’t gambled that much there, but even I got a good rate. I hope those deals keep coming, because I would be very happy to stay here again.

Got any questions about the Palazzo that I didn’t answer here? Feel free to post them in the comments section below. I’ll answer whatever I can.

8 thoughts on “Hotel Review: The Palazzo

  1. Paul VegasNotes

    Great review – really captures the reaction most people will have on first checking into the Venetian or Palazzo. And you got a GREAT rate from the players club!

    Interesting that two of your negatives were the exact same ones as we had. One of my secret/guilty weaknesses is for duelling pianos. And after listening at Salute for several songs for three nights, I’d honestly never consider actually going in to this bar when the pianists were on – they were unbelievably cliched and cheesy and actually only mediocre at playing (IMHO).

    And in 2011 I’ve found that the center of the Strip (for me) seems to be around Bellagio / Cosmopolitan, so it seems to be a massive trek from/to the Palazzo. I could jump in a cab, but I actually like walking around and people-watching – it is usually fun and Vegas is (currently) so linear that it’s an easy walk to most places even after a few drinks. That said, their target audience will be happy with the Wynn/Venetian/Palazzo area and may not mind the location!

  2. Gray

    Glad to know I’m not alone on those! I love most of the dueling piano shows on the Strip, but they just can’t get it right at Salute. And yes, I see Bellagio to be Center Strip as well. It’s too bad development on the North Strip got stalled, because the Center could have shifted much further North if there had been some exciting things going on up there. Oh well.

  3. Hetz

    Thanks for the review. Just wanted to say I’m a fan of your website and a huge Vegas fan. In fact I have about 30 days to go before the next trip.

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  5. Marc

    Perfect encapsulation of Palazzo. It’s one of the few hotel rooms where I don’t feel like I need to rush out and do something. I can actually work from the suite!

    I also love gambling there. It’s kind of a forgotten casino so there is almost always a lot of room.

    The other thing I love is that there are almost zero kids. The families tend to stay at Venetian…Perfecto!

  6. Gray

    I hear ya, Marc. It’s actually kind of hard to leave the suite! I agree about the casino, too. I can always find my favorite slot machines here. I hadn’t noticed about the kids, but that’s a definite perk!

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