Ocean One Bar and Grille: Downtown Prices on the Strip

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It’s the rare restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for food and drinks. Ocean One Bar & Grille, located at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, is one such restaurant. Ocean One also happens to be one of those restaurants that polarizes people; if you read online reviews, they are wildly mixed. I’m always fascinated by restaurants or hotels that get such drastically mixed reactions. It’s as if half the people are having an alternate universe experience. But which half?

Ocean One Bar and Grille

Ocean One Bar and Grille

I’ve been eyeing Ocean One for years now, because they almost always have half-price coupons available at Restaurant.com.  At first, I chalked this up to the restaurant being new and wanting to get the word out. But it’s been open for years now and still offers half-price coupons and cheap drink deals. Even though it’s located in a busy shopping mall and should get lots of walk-in traffic. Hmm…sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?

I finally decided to give it a try back in December when I was staying at Planet Hollywood. It was close by and convenient, the prices were cheap, and so am I. How cheap? All breakfast items under $8, all lunch items between $6 and $10, and dinner items $20 or less, plus drinks around $5. Definitely worth checking out, I thought. I chose breakfast there, figuring even if it was terrible, it wouldn’t cost much. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, because I had a great experience here.

Given the prices, I had always imagined this place being, well, kind of cheap-looking, too–you know, plastic red-and-white checkered tablecloths that your elbows stick to and that sort of thing. On the contrary, I thought it was cute. There is lots of polished wood and wood floors, and they even use cloth napkins. (Ooooh.)  There’s bar seating for solos, which would be right up my alley for a meal later in the day. It’s located next to the indoor “rain storm” attraction, which you can see during your meal if you time it right and dine on the terrace. I sat on the terrace facing the Oyster Bar next door.  Note to solo diners: If you can’t sit at the bar, try to sit on the terrace, since it’s a prime people-watching location.

There wasn’t much people-watching to be had the morning I ate here, because the mall and the restaurant were both fairly quiet at that early hour. There were some other couples dining on the terrace as well, but hardly anyone inside the restaurant. I was perfectly content anyway.  Las Vegas can get so crowded and loud at times, that I really enjoy those moments of peace and quiet when I can get them, and that’s what I experienced here.  My waitress, who incidentally looked like Uma Thurman, was very attentive (but not overly chatty). I wanted for nothing.

Garden omelet

Garden omelet

I had the garden omelet, which wasn’t the cheapest item on the menu, but at $7 or 8, was still pretty reasonable. (You won’t find this on the menu at Restaurant.com, but it was on the menu in the restaurant.) Sadly I can’t remember what vegetables were in it, but I want to say mushroom and spinach. It came with a side of toast and breakfast potatoes, with a strawberry and orange slice garnish. When my waitress brought out the jelly, she made sure to point out it was homemade. I was suitably impressed. All the food was delicious and very filling. I couldn’t finish it. The only thing I didn’t care for was the coffee. But then, I’m almost never happy with restaurant coffee.

So is Ocean One Bar & Grille a good restaurant, or did I experience an alternate universe that morning? Who knows? But based on my experience, and for these prices, I’ll gladly return.  It’s a relief to find decent, inexpensive food on the Strip without having to resort to a fast food chain.  I’ve heard they have some great happy hour specials, so I might try a late lunch/early dinner at the bar next.

Have you eaten at Ocean One Bar & Grille? What was your experience like?

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  1. denise harrinton

    yes been going for years,gotten better erverytime…great breakfast,lunch unbeilivable prices for quality and service,diner just as good as places twice as much,my self and family go 2-3 tmies a yr thxs ocone

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