When to Go


Christmas decorations at the Bellagio

People planning a trip to Las Vegas often ask:  When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

The answer varies, depending on your preferences.  If your vacation time isn’t flexible, then obviously, you have to go whenever you have vacation time.  But if you can be flexible, your trip might be much more enjoyable.

Here’s why:  There are certain times of the year when there are large conventions in town, or when there are events that draw a lot of tourists (such as New Year’s Eve).  If your trip to Las Vegas coincides with one of those times, you will pay a lot more for your vacation than you would if you traveled during a less busy time of year.  This might be worth it to you if you’re the kind of person who loves to be where the action is.  The more people are in town, the more potential new friends you can make, right?

Fall Display

Perhaps fall is the best time for you to visit?

But if you don’t like lines or crowds, fighting for a lounge chair at the pool, or sitting in traffic for hours at a time, and you would rather pay less for your hotel room, you should consider coming at a less busy time.  Crowd levels can wax and wane in Las Vegas for a variety of reasons, but traditionally, these are the slower times to visit:

  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Labor Day week (since school has just started)
  • January after New Year’s
  • Sunday through Thursday nights

Try to avoid spring break if at all possible, as well as large conventions.  You can search by date for conventions that are in town at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority’s website.

Golden Nugget Pool

Not every season is pool season in Vegas

If you are planning to spend your days out by the pool, you should be aware that winter temperatures in Las Vegas aren’t all that balmy.  In fact, many hotel pools are closed for the winter between November and March.  Some hotels will leave one pool open during the winter, but don’t count on it being your hotel.

If you’re happy paddling around in the pool when it’s 60 degrees out, you might want to check to see if your preferred hotel has a pool that is open in the winter.  For the best pool weather, you’ll want to go to Vegas between April and October.  To check the monthly average temperatures in Vegas, go here.