10 Places to Get Prime Rib in Las Vegas

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Warning:  This article contains mention of the consumption of large quantities of red meat.  Not recommended reading for vegetarians.

When I think of Las Vegas food, the first thing that comes to mind is prime rib.  I have eaten prime rib elsewhere, of course, but it wasn’t until I had prime rib on my first trip to Las Vegas that my inner carnivore was awakened. I guess you could say it became my vice of choice.  Now, it’s on my to-do list for every trip.  A trip to Vegas without prime rib is like chocolate cake without frosting; it’s still good, but it’s just not the same.  Luckily, it’s not hard to find no matter where you go in the city. If you’re looking for highly-recommended places to try prime rib in Las Vegas, look no further than these ten choices:

The Prime Rib Loft at the Orleans – Located in the Orleans Casino (off-Strip), the Prime Rib Loft offers old -school prime rib at an affordable price and with a view overlooking the casino.  It even has bar seating for the social solo diner. The prime rib here is dry aged 21 days, seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper, and slow-roasted. You can order the 10-oz Orleans cut for $14, the 14 oz. Gamblers Cut for $17, or the monstrously huge 22 oz. Beefeater Cut for $23 (served bone-on).

Lawry’s the Prime Rib – (4043 Howard Hughes Parkway, east of the Strip)  Not only can you get regular cuts of prime rib here, but you can get more creative prime rib options as well, such as the Thai Prime Rib Salad and Prime Rib Chili. The prime rib dinner (available in five cuts with the option to pair it with one or two lobster tails) comes with accompaniments of salad, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, and whipped cream horseradish.  Lawry’s is slightly more upscale than some of the restaurants on this list, so dress nicely.

Triple 7

Triple 7 Brew Pub

Triple 7 Brew Pub at Main Street Station (Downtown) – One of my favorites.  You used to be able to get 1/2 lb. of prime rib (served with vegetables and baked potato) for $8.95 after 4pm. A recent visitor let me know that as of 7/11/16, they only have a 12 ounce prime rib now for $13.99. Order one of the Triple 7’s award-winning microbrews to go with it and you have yourself a great dinner.

Magnolia’s Veranda Cafe at the Four Queens (Downtown) – This is the first place I had prime rib in Las Vegas.  Magnolia’s is the Four Queen’s 24 hour cafe. They offer a $9.95 prime rib special ($7.95 with Players Club card, so sign up for that first–it’s free) that is not on the menu.  It comes with (an admittedly mediocre) salad, roll, your choice of potato (go with the fries, they’re awesome) and vegetable.  Last time I was there, they served real horseradish on the side, not the creamy stuff. If nothing else will clear your sinuses, that will.  Service and atmosphere is old school Vegas (older, efficient, not too chatty), and there’s a fairly good chance you’ll be the youngest person in the room, no matter your age.

South Point (9777 Las Vegas Boulevard South) – South Point offers two levels of prime rib experience (and alliteration).  The Coronado Cafe, has a prime rib special that is served 24 hours a day. It’s a 10 oz cut with au jus and horseradish cream, served with a garden salad and your choice of potato (baked, mashed or fries), all for $12.95. Primarily Prime Rib offers 4 cuts of prime rib: The South Point Cut (a thick cut) for $14.95, the English Cut (3 thin slices) for $15.95, Blackened Cajun style for $15.95, and The Cowboy Cut (extra thick double cut with the bone) for $19.95.  This comes with choice of soup or salad plus baked potato or rice pilaf.

California and Main Street Station

Market Street Cafe at the California (Downtown) – Located next to Main Street Station in Downtown Las Vegas, the California’s 24 hour cafe offers one of the best prime rib specials in town.  For $7.95, you get a cut of prime rib, plus potato and vegetables, soup or salad bar, AND cherries jubilee for dessert.  This is only served 4pm-11pm.  Be forewarned, the lines at this cafe are always ridiculously long.  I recommend a stop at the restroom before you get in line.  And maybe bring a book or smartphone to entertain yourself while you wait.

Cortez Room at the Gold Coast (4000 West Flamingo Road, off-Strip) – The Cortez Room (open daily 5pm-10pm) specializes in prime rib and is a favorite with many.  They offer a queen cut (10 oz) prime rib for $14 and a king cut (bone-in 22 oz) for $20. It is served with the soup of the day or house salad plus choice of potato.  (Or, if you really want to gorge yourself on red meat, you can always opt for the Gold Coast’s all-you-can-eat prime rib buffet, available Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-9pm at the Ports O’ Call Buffet for $12.99 — $11.99 with players club card.)

Binion’s Ranch Steak House at Binion’s (Downtown on Fremont Street) – For an upscale atmosphere and terrific view to go along with your prime rib, try this steak house, located on the 24th floor of Binion’s. Binion’s Steak House offers a 16 oz regular cut or a 24 oz Binion’s cut of prime rib and comes with vegetables, choice of starch, fresh rolls and bottled water.  Open for dinner only, 5:30pm-10:30pm.

Mr. Lucky’s at the Hard Rock (4455 Paradise Road) – Mr. Lucky’s is the Hard Rock’s 24 hour cafe.  It has an off-menu all-you-can-eat prime rib special for $9.99 (as well as a steak and shrimp special for $7.77), served 4pm-4am. This 16 oz cut of prime rib comes with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  I dare you to eat more than one serving.

The Victorian Room, Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon (center Strip) – Bill’s offers a fairly well-regarded $14.95 prime rib special available 24 hours a day which comes with soup or salad and potato.  A little pricey, compared to some of the other 24-hour cafe options, but I suppose you’re paying extra for the convenient location on the Strip. [CLOSED]


22 thoughts on “10 Places to Get Prime Rib in Las Vegas

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  2. Mary Denise

    I am impressed with your reccommendations and can’t
    wait to try them out.
    I love french cooking any luck in finding a good french
    restaurant here?

  3. Gray

    Thank you, Mary Denise. I’d say the 2 french restaurants with the best reputation in Las Vegas are Joel Robuchon and L’Atalier, but both are very pricey. Andres also has a great reputation. (Mind you, I have not eaten at any of these.) For something more moderately priced, I like Mon Ami Gabi.

  4. Brianna

    Hard Rock got rid of their all you can eat off menu prime rib about two weeks ago. (according to the server I spoke with on the phone)

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  6. Richard Chen

    I always stop in at the coffee shop in Jerry,s casino on Las Vegas Blvd in North Las Vegas for their gigantic huge thick moist and joicy melt-in-your-mouth prime rib for a song when I visit the sin city. It is a must
    Visit place for me. It has in my opinion the best prime rib in the country and certainly the best prime rib deal in the entire country bar none. Make sure to tip the waiting staff well though. And after you’ve tried it please share your opinion too.

    1. Gray

      Hi, Richard! You know, you are the first person to ever mention Jerry’s Nugget on this blog, I believe. Thanks for letting us know about their prim rib!

  7. hardware

    This topic comes up repeatedly on a Vegas forum that you must not like. (I’m not a fan of its administration, for sure.) That said, most of your choices have been discussed there repeatedly, but one sticks out, one I don’t ever remember hearing about: the 777.

    People love the happy hour offerings at 777, as well as the micro brew. I don’t recall any mention of prime rib, however.

    Although I eat prime rib on every trip, and have stayed at Orleans, I have never been to the loft. I know!

    I’ve always thought that the loft must be slightly nicer than a cafe, more akin to a steak house than a buffet. And most of my stays at Orleans have been solo. I love going solo, but I don’t go out of my way to eat at swanky places when I travel solo. I don’t do a lot of buffets, either. Come to think of it, I don’t know what I eat half of the time I’m in Vegas solo. I don’t hit up the fast food courts or junk food, so I guess I end up at cafes and the like most often as I’m most comfortable dining solo there. And I typically sit at a table, even though I stick out more by doing so. I have never been a big fan of sitting at the counter.

    Anyway, I’m committed to trying the loft the next time I have a chance.

    I like the California well enough, and it has been my choice of destinations downtown, but I don’t make it a must-eat when I’m downtown. Last time I was there I tried the ElCo’s prime rib. Not bad, but not a cut above, and the service was weak. The Cal always has a line, but when it comes to service, they seem to get it right.

    There’s at least one person who always trumpets Jerry’s during the prime rib discussions, and perhaps some day I’ll give it a try. I never use to rent a car in Vegas, and now I do for most of my trips, so accessibility is no longer an issue.

    One other recommendation I’ve seen that I’d agree with: the Ellis Island prime rib. A bit more expensive than the < $10 bunch, but good, and like the steak special everyone raves about, it includes a micro brew.

    1. Gray

      Maybe no one else in these forums you speak of have had the prime rib at 777? I have, and I liked it very much (especially for the price!). I definitely think of the Loft as Orleans’ version of a steakhouse, only more down to earth than those you find on the Strip. Thanks for your very thorough feedback on the options, Hardware.

  8. Sheena Harvy

    How old is this article? I checked web sites and online menus and found none of the pricing stated here.
    This is just Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse online menu pricing…

    22 Oz $45.95

    16 Oz $36.95
    Rib Eye Steak

    10 Oz $42.95
    8 Oz $36.95
    Filet Mignon

    24 Oz Binion’s Cut $44.95
    16 Oz Regular $35.95
    Prime Rib Of Beef

    10 Oz $35.95
    16 Oz $42.95
    Ny Steak

    Glad I didn’t go by this article.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Hi, Sheena, Yes this is an older post. I wrote it on November 28, 2010. If you want to know what the date of any post is, look in the upper lefthand corner of the post. The date is in a little red box next to the post title. I make sure prices are accurate at the time of publishing a post, but things are constantly changing in Las Vegas. You should always doublecheck information you read in older posts on this or any site. (For instance, you can scratch Bill’s and the Victorian room off your list, too; they’re not there any more.)

      1. Sheena Harvy

        oh duh thank you.. I was SO craving Prim Rib and was getting mental about it hahahah thanks so much

  9. Kris

    do not go to the prime rib loft @ the Orleans,The prime rib I ordered was tougher than cow hide.I return the whole dish to the kitchen. I have better beef at a buffet I will never go back there for prime ribs. and do not recommend that place for prime Rib to anyone.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Really, Kris? Wow, I’ve only ever heard positive things about their prime rib in the past. I wonder if they’ve gotten a new chef or had a substitute that night? How disappointing. I’m sorry to hear it.

      1. Kris

        yea, I read about the place in a Las Vegas Guide Book and made a special trip to go there just for the Prime Rib. Very disappointing.

        1. Gray Cargill Post author

          If you found that disappointing, definitely don’t eat at their Cafe. It was horrid. The buffet is good though. Not “Wicked Spoon good,” but good, considering the price.

  10. Leslie

    As a local, I have to agree with Kris when it comes to the Orleans Prime Rib Loft. If you’re going to put the name of a steak in your name, it had better be good. It wasn’t…either time we tried it. Mediocre at best, and yes, I found it to be tough, as well.

    1. Gray Cargill Post author

      Sorry to hear that, Leslie. Prime rib should never be tough. I wonder why so many people like the Prime Rib Loft then? Different strokes, I guess.

      1. IggyK

        Me and my wife went to Vegas for our honeymoon in 2012 and we stayed at The Orleans, and had the best prime rib we ever had in our lives when we ate their. We plan to go back for our 5th anniversary. Hoping this isn’t a sign of change and just singular bad experiences!

        1. Gray Cargill Post author

          That’s what I was thinking, too, IggyK; I hope it was just a case of the regular chef being out sick or something and the substitute being inferior. Happy anniversary (in advance)!

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