The Cupcakery: Cake for One!

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Do you have a sweet tooth? I really don’t as a rule, but for some reason, I find it hard to resist a good cupcake. I think it’s because they’re sized perfectly for one person. As a single woman who lives alone, this is important to me. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to buy or make food and finding everything is family-sized, and you wind up having to eat it for a week or more. With a cupcake, you get to satisfy that craving for something sweet without being burdened with an entire cake—and all the accompanying calories.



Cupcake specialty shops have been all the rage for the past couple of years. I’ve even heard of food trucks that sell nothing but cupcakes. When I saw that my Vegas hotel, the Monte Carlo, had a cute little cupcake shop, I knew where I was going to pick up my midnight snack. The Cupcakery is located on the Street of Dreams, the shopping area between the hotel and the tram to Aria, CityCenter and Bellagio.



I decided to stop off on my way up to bed that night. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that they were closed by the time I was headed to bed. (Well, of COURSE they were! It was after 11! What had I been thinking?) I’d missed my opportunity for a midnight cupcake! Oh the devastation.

The next day, I showed up much earlier (in the afternoon). I didn’t have a refrigerator in my room, but I was willing to gamble that the cupcake wouldn’t be stale by the time I ate it that night. (I was right.)


More cupcakes!

Perusing the options was almost torture. There were so many drool-worthy flavors. Should I get the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup? The Southern Belle (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting)? The Grasshopper (dark chocolate cake with mint chips and mint chocolate buttercream)? The El Rolo (chocolate with caramel)?

After reining in the urge to buy one of each, I went with the mocha mocha cupcake–chocolate cake with a luscious mocha buttercream frosting and a coffee bean on top. (And I wonder why I can’t sleep at night. . . .) The girl behind the counter wrapped it up for me in the cutest takeout container ever: It looks like Chinese takeout, doesn’t it? Adorable!


Cupcakery takeout container


And how was the cupcake? Would I be writing about it if it were forgettable? It was scrumptious, of course!




Are you a cupcake fan? Where’s your favorite cupcake place in Vegas?

11 thoughts on “The Cupcakery: Cake for One!

  1. Hardware

    Cupcakes don’t make me tingly… cute fad nonetheless. There’s definitely an artistry at work, and will always be a demand for single-serve cakes, but the new fascination with them, I don’t get. I’m sure I owe it to reality TV.

    So how much do cupcakes cost? I’m always curious what kind of outrageous prices some boutique shop in a strip casino is charging for something Costco sells by the dozens for a few cents per cake. I’d be impressed by this joint if you told me you paid less than $3 for a simple cupcake.

    Did they have a TCBY next door? Everybody loves non-fat yogurt, so there must be one nearby.

  2. Nate

    I see The Cupcakery every time I walk through Monte Carlo, but somehow I always manage to get sucked in to the crepe place instead. And then I’ve had my sugar fix for the hour and don’t want a cupcake. Crepes are pretty much my kryptonite that way.

    Jean-Philippe in Bellagio is supposed to have some really good cupcakes as well. I say “supposed to”, because I’ve never actually tried them, despite going there every single time I’m in Vegas. The problem is that their other pastries and chocolates look so amazing that the cupcakes almost seem sad by comparison.

  3. Gray

    Hardware, I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t write down the price and can’t remember the price now. But yeah it is totally a fad.

  4. Brian

    The buffet @ planet Hollywood had a pretty awesome cupcake selection, when I was there back in October.

    1. Gray

      The trouble with buffets, Brian, is that by the time I’ve finished stuffing myself on entree and side type dishes, I have little room for dessert! I wonder if anyone goes to a buffet just for the desserts?

  5. Brian

    A “dessert only” buffet pass is actually a fantastic idea. I’d definately be tempted at places like Bellagio or Wynn.

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