The First Annual Vegas Solo Meet Up

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Oooh, “first annual” makes it sound not only official, but like a really big deal, right? Yeah, not really. Don’t get your expectations up too high, okay? I just thought it might be nice to host a casual little meet-and-greet while I’m in Las Vegas for any of my readers/Twitter followers/friends who happen to be there at the same time. (Cash bar, of course, because I’m just as poor as the rest of you.) Nothing fancy-schmancy, just a chance for us to say “hi” and chat a bit.

Why? Because while I like to travel solo, I also enjoy meeting new people during my trips. So if you’re going to be in Las Vegas at the same time and would like to meet up, please join us. (You do not have to be solo to come to the meet-and-greet.) If no one shows by 4:30, I’ll just move along with my life. No harm, no foul.

Here are the deets (that’s “details” for you English majors):

Tuesday, September 6



Chandelier Bar, 1st floor

Look for me beneath this:

Chandelier Bar

Chandelier Bar, Cosmopolitan

(If you don’t know what I look like, check my About page or my Twitter account.)

If there’s a need to change the venue or time for reasons beyond my control (like the Chandelier Bar is jam-packed with a convention of Red Hat ladies or something), I’ll tweet it to my Twitter account.

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40 thoughts on “The First Annual Vegas Solo Meet Up

  1. adilson (brazil)

    I´d really love to attend the meeting, but unfourtunately I won´t be able to be in Vegas.
    Thanks a lot for your blog, you been an incredible inspiration for me and my solo trips.

  2. Janice

    This is great! I will actually get into Vegas this same day – and this would be a great start to my first big solo trip (as well as my first trip to Vegas!) I will definitely try to make it – I love meeting new people! Your sight has been a great resource for me as I have been planning this trip.

  3. Nate

    Never been to the Cosmopolitan before, so if I don’t show up it’s probably because I either got lost or got distracted by the pretty lights. Barring those, I’ll definitely plan to be there – looking forward to meeting everyone who can make it!

  4. Jason

    Sounds like fun. The majority of my trips to Vegas are solo (conventions and training etc.) however this Labor Day the wife and I are heading up for three nights at he Cosmo and to take advantage of restaurant week. Unfortunately like a lot of people, we leave that Tuesday to head back home. Have fun!

  5. Sharon in UK

    See you there should be fun ,as a seasoned traveller ( solo – round oz, new zealand,singapore ,hungary, poland ,austria , germany to name a few ; with others japan, hong kong, eygpt & many others) I love meeting up with new people to discuss travel and get those insider tips.
    This is my 3rd visit to las vegas ,2nd alone – still many hotels I haven’t been in & have not been downtown yet!!!

    Yeep ONLY 5 days to go !!! Visiting 4th- 15th Sept 2011

  6. Marko

    Hey Gray,
    This is also my first big trip as a solo traveler. I actually thought I’m the only person in the world traveling solo to Las Vegas. Until I found your site with amazing advice! Looking forward to meet you on the 6th of September.4 more nights to sleep and then I’m in Vegas! Greetings from Amsterdam / the Netherlands!

  7. Gray

    Wow, I never expected such a strong response. I’m so glad to hear from you all!

    @Nate – Cosmo is between Bellagio and City Center and is right on the sidewalk, so you can’t miss it. Walk in the front door and look for the Chandelier. You can’t miss that either. I understand about the pretty lights, though. They can be very distracting. 🙂

    @Jason – I’m sorry to hear you’ll miss it. Wish you could have been there. There will be other opportunities, though.

    @Sharon – See you there! (If you’ve never been Downtown, you should go. It’s a whole other experience from the Strip.)

    @Marko – Well hello, Amsterdam! Nice to hear from you. Glad you can make it. I’ll see you there!

  8. Keith B.

    Hey Gray,

    Hope yoou missed all the bad weather up your way.

    Sounds like you are going to get some real action going with your meet up. Good Luck with it. Hope you have a great time meeting your fans !!! Unfortunetly I will be in England by the day of your meet although I am already planning on being at the 2nd Annual Gray Gathering.

    Today is day 21 of my trip this year. Finally at my conference hotel, for this Thursdays show start. Took the hire car back yesterday with 3769 miles on it. Having a great tour so far.

    Wishing you all the best
    Aussie Keith B.

  9. Gray

    Keith – Thanks, Vermont was beat up pretty bad, but luckily, where I live saw little to no damage. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your trip. Good, grief, I don’t think I’ve put that many miles on my car in the past 3 years. 🙂 I’m going to count on you being at the 2nd Annual Vegas Solo meetup! Have fun in England!

  10. JoAnn

    I’m glad to hear you didn’t have any damage where you live. I thought about you when I saw the damage in Vermont. I’m in Connecticut and luckily didn’t have any damage either. I did lose cable, internet and cell phone service for a bit but all are back in working order.

    Will the second annual meet and greet be around the same time next year? I may have to fit a trip to Vegas in to the schedule.

  11. Gray

    JoAnn – Thanks very much, and I’m glad you didn’t have any damage either. Chances are very good that the 2nd Annual meet up will be the same time next year. With the exception of last year, I generally travel to Las Vegas during Labor Day Week. Obviously it’s hard to predict what will be going on in my life, with work, etc. between now and then, so I can’t be 100% certain, but I will certainly try to make it the same week.

  12. Sharon Reilly

    Gray , happy to hear adverse weather has not effected you , I did think of you when it was reported on the news here.
    Only 2 more days to work for me, then Saturday to pack & have hair cut.
    Thought I has plenty of time for activities & pool being in LV for 11 nights but my TO DO list is ever expanding looking at your site plus links !!!
    Soooo excited …….

  13. ErinH

    This is a great idea! I won’t be back in Vegas until December, but thanks for all of your excellent info and tips – your blog certainly made my first solo trip in January a great one!

  14. Gray

    You’re very welcome, Erin, I’m so glad you found it helpful. I’m sorry you can’t make the meetup. Maybe next time?

  15. Gray

    Nothing formal through me, Kay. You’re in luck, though–you’re in town during the “Fremont Fall Fling” being organized on the TripAdvisor Vegas forum. Lots of meet ups and activities happening from 9/8-15 on Fremont Street, Downtown.

    Or you could email me ( on Wednesday and we’ll see where we’re at. I’m not sure what my schedule looks like yet, but I imagine I could meet you for a drink on Thursday the 8th at some point.

  16. Sharon Reilly in UK

    Hi Kay

    I will be in Vegas solo when you are, I am happy to meet up if you would like , maybe a meal as restaurant week ? I am not real keen on dining alone in nice restaurants. My email is if you want to make contact , I am also on facebook

    Last day at work ………………….Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Sharon in UK

    No probs Gray , I am all packed and now less than 24 hours until I leave home ! Thanks for note on Freemont get together I ahve made contact with them and they seem a really nice bunch/ going on couple of meals out with them.
    See you all Tuesday x

  18. Sharon from UK

    Hi Arrived safe & well, haved located Cosomopolitan today so I know where I am going , see you tomorrow x

    ps. Kay if you reading this and want to come along the Freemont fling get togethers I am going to we could travel down together (assuming you are staying on strip?) I think you arrive 8th there is a Meet at 4pm at the Golden Nugget & a meal at Pasta Pirate 11th 8pm Bye for now

  19. Kristian

    That’s a great idea. Too bad thou I’m going to be there on the following week. Anyone will be there on the 13th – 15th?

  20. Gray

    I don’t know of anything offhand, Kristian, but try TripAdvisor. They often have meet-and-greets scheduled. Not specifically for solos, of course.

    And stay tuned, everyone, I have news coming soon about a solo traveler group hosted in Vegas by my friend Diana Edelman. If you time your trip right, you may be able to catch those events and meet up with other solos that way.

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  22. Michelle

    It is sad to miss such a great opportunity. I hope you had an amazing time. I like the venue. Aside from the many interesting people I could have met, Vegas is one of the places I can’t just get enough of.

  23. aragorn

    dang wish i found this site earlier. Been here in vegas 1st solo and it’s stunk, not vegas’s fault but mine for not planning better.

  24. Ben

    Excellent blog; very informative and helpful as I plan my solo trip to Vegas for May 18-21. I’ve been several times with others, but not solo since about 20 years ago. Just wondering if you know of ways in advance to find others who might be there solo at the same time. Online forums or anything like that?

    Thanks again for a great blog. I now have good breakfast ideas, dinner ideas, and a good museum to visit.

    1. Gray

      Hi, Ben! Glad you like the blog. There are a number of Las Vegas forums out there (check the blog links in the righthand column of this site). I know some of them allow people the chance to set up meet-and-greets for when they’re in Vegas. That may be your best best. (The others you meet up with may not be solo, but chances are good they’ll be Vegas fans and fun folks to hang out with.) If you’re on Twitter, you may also find some folks to hang out with that way.

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