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Last week, I described my visit to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. I only dragged myself away because it was past my lunch time, and I was ravenous. The most logical place for me to have lunch after that immersion in Las Vegas Past was the nearby Mob Bar, located next to (and affiliated with) the Triple George Grill on 3rd Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

The Mob Bar

The Mob Bar

The restaurant is a throwback to another era (the “roaring 20s,” apparently). It’s not, as the website would have you believe, the kind of place where guys hang out in tuxes and dolls in flapper dresses. Nor is it as themed as I would have liked. Still, it’s got character.

The seating is leather-upholstered and comfortable. There are roomy booths in the restaurant, casual seating in front of the large windows and a long video poker bar. The different seating options definitely make this a multipurpose bar, where you could feel comfortable having dinner, grabbing a drink while playing video poker, or enjoying cocktails with friends before going to a show.

The Mob Bar

Different seating options at The Mob Bar

It was the little touches that appealed to me: The textured black tin ceiling. The small chandeliers overhead. The framed vintage posters adorning the walls. The TVs behind the bar playing black-and-white Three Stooges movies instead of sports or news.

When I walked in, I was the only customer there. The female bartender invited me to sit wherever I wanted. I chose the bar, thinking I’d stand a better chance at chatting with someone there. (I was wrong.) Before I left a few other people wandered in—two men in suits who looked like locals on their lunch break sat at the other end of the bar, and a man and woman who looked like tourists sat in a booth.

Black tin ceiling

Check out this black tin ceiling

I wondered how I would eat my lunch at the video poker bar without placing the plate over the screen, when suddenly, the male bartender slid a wooden tray across to me that hooked under the edge of the bar and created a little TV tray setup. Neat. I’ve never seen that before. It wasn’t big enough for two plates at once, so I kept one off to the side.

The food here actually comes from the Triple George next door. Though I was very, very hungry, I know better than to order too much food in a Las Vegas restaurant. Portion sizes here tend to be gargantuan. Luckily, The Mob Bar has a very reasonably-priced small plate menu.

Shrimp Spiedini

Shrimp Spiedini

I ordered the Shrimp Spiedini and caprese salad bites. The shrimp plate had three jumbo shrimp wrapped in prosciutto; each came in its own gooey pool of thick garlic herb butter that tasted like a cream sauce; they were simply divine. I could’ve eaten six of those.

The caprese salad bites consisted of what you’d expect—cherry tomato halves and round balls of mozarella on little skewers. These were drizzled with a tasty balsamic glaze. On the side was a pile of arugula tossed in a basil oil dressing. Everything was delicious and perfectly sized for my appetite.

Caprese salad bites

Caprese salad bites

I also had an “Attaboy,” a cocktail described as “Italy’s Amaro Montenegro, Fresh Mint, Lime and Ginger Beer”. It sounded refreshing, but for some reason, it made me cough. This has happened to me before when I’ve had ginger beer as an ingredient in a drink. Apparently, I should stay away from ginger beer.

Attaboy cocktail

The drink that almost killed me. Just kidding.

I wish the bar had been a bit livelier while I was there, but otherwise, it was a great meal, and I have no complaints. It sounds from their Facebook page like they have a lot of fun events there in the evenings. I’m going to have to check the place out at night sometime.

Have any of you been to the Mob Bar at night? How busy was it?

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  1. Hetz

    I’ve heard great things about the Mob Bar and your review has firmly placed it on my bucket list for the first week in Dec. Can’t wait!

  2. Steven

    I’m right there with you on the ginger beer. Most seem to love the stuff but I’ve tried it twice (once at Vesper Bar in Cosmo, once at Book & Stage) and no matter how well it’s prepared, I can’t get it down.

    My taste buds must just be wired wrong or something.

    1. Gray

      Oh, I’m so glad it’s not just me, Steven! Oh well, there’s still plenty of alcohol in the sea–or something like that.

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