The Vegas Solo Nominated for Its First Trippie!

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Big news tonight! The Vegas Solo has been nominated under the Best Blog category for the 2013 Trippies! The Trippies, of course, are the annual readers poll awards for “the Best of Vegas,” hosted by VegasTripping is one of my long-time favorite Vegas websites. They report Vegas happenings with a delightfully snarky attitude. If you want the “no bullshit” version of Vegas news, that’s the place to go.

Best Blog Category

OMG! That's me!

I was honestly blown away to see my blog included among the final nominees. . .including my favorite Vegas websites, podcasts and online communities, some of which I’ve been following since before my blog was ever a twinkle in my eye. So…BIG HUGS to whoever nominated me. (Where do I send the check? Kidding, kidding.)

In addition to categories for blogs, websites, podcasters and other social media types in Vegas, there are also more mainstream categories for best (and worst) hotels, best and worst casinos (to play in), best overall hotels for their dining and entertainment, etc. If you’ve been to Vegas more than once and have an opinion on these things, why not go lend your support to your favorites?

The 2013 Trippies are open for voting from now through Dec. 11th.

Trippies 2013 : Best of Las Vegas


Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for The Vegas Solo. I know it’s cliche, but it really is an honor just to be nominated, especially in such stellar company. And I wouldn’t have been without the support of all of you (whether you voted or not). Thank you.

6 thoughts on “The Vegas Solo Nominated for Its First Trippie!

  1. Nate

    Grats on your well-deserved nomination! I’m also a big fan of Vegas Tripping, even if they can be near-worshipful towards Wynncore at times, so here’s hoping you can nab a Trippie. You’ve got my vote, and hopefully the votes of everyone I can nag into catching up on your blog. (Hey, if they’re going to bug me endlessly about Farmville, I can do the same thing to them.)

    1. Gray

      LOL, thanks Nate! Thing about this poll, though, is you really have to be familiar with Las Vegas in order to fill it out. You have to fill out 2/3 of the poll in order for your votes to count. I think this is their (smart) way of keeping anyone from “stuffing the ballot box”, which I would never condone anyway. But please do keep nagging people to catch up on my blog! 🙂

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