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McCarran International Airport

There are pretty much two ways to get to Vegas: Drive or fly. If you’re afraid to fly and don’t want to drive yourself, you could consider taking a bus. If you drive, you can skip everything else I say about your transportation options in Vegas. Except this: Most Strip resorts are now charging for parking, so don’t forget to calculate that cost into your trip budget. (You can find out how much they charge from individual resorts.)

Once you arrive in Las Vegas by airplane, what are your options for getting around town? There are many. Most people will weigh the trade-off of time vs. money when deciding which form of transportation works best for them. Renting a car provides the most freedom and flexibility, but it’s also somewhat isolating when you’re traveling solo. If you have any concerns that you might be lonely on your trip, I’d recommend going with options where you get to interact with other people along the way.

Private Transportation Options – Rental Cars, Limousines, Uber/Lyft, and Taxis

Public Transportation Options – Everything else