Welcome to McCarran

McCarran International Airport

There are pretty much two ways for the solo traveler to get to Vegas: Drive or fly.  If you’re afraid to fly and don’t want to drive yourself, you could consider taking a bus. (You could also hitchhike, but I don’t recommend it.) The benefit of flying is that you generally get there quicker and you can nap or read or watch a movie while you’re en route (not things you want to do when you’re driving).  Also, you may have the opportunity to chat with fellow travelers who are also en route to Las Vegas.  This is a good chance for the solo traveler to make friends and make plans to meet up for activities before you even arrive in the city.  The downsides to flying are many (cost, potential for lost luggage, cancellations, missed connections, etc.).

The benefit of driving is that you have a car at your disposal without having to rent one.  This gives you the freedom to explore Las Vegas beyond the Strip and Downtown.  Once you are at your resort, you can either self-park your car or valet park. A lot of people think it’s quicker to valet park (you don’t have to hunt for a parking space or try to remember where you parked the car later), but it didn’t seem bad to me.  Remember if you use the valet, you must tip a few bucks.  Go with whatever is comfortable for you.  The downsides of driving are: a) you have fewer opportunities to interact with other people; b) you have no designated driver if you decide to do some serious drinking.

Once you’re in town, there are a variety of means of transportation you can use to get around.  If, as a solo traveler, you have any concern about being lonely during your time in Vegas, you might want to consider using public forms of transportation at least some of the time, so you will have more opportunities to meet other people.  Just something to consider.

Private Transportation Options – Rental Cars, Limousines, and Taxis

Public Transportation Options – Everything else

Airport Shuttle

You can find a listing of airport shuttles at McCarran International Airport’s website.  Shuttles are less expensive than cabs (about $6 to get to the Strip and $8 to go Downtown), but you often have to wait longer for them and they drop off at several hotels.  Yours won’t necessarily be  the first one.  Again, weigh the importance of time versus money to you.