“You’re Going to Vegas. . .AGAIN?”

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If you’ve been to Las Vegas more than a couple of times on vacation, no doubt someone, at some point, has uttered these words to you:

“You’re going to Vegas. . .again?”

There are only two places I know of that cause people to have that reaction: Las Vegas and Disney World. I think the reason it rankles me so much is that there’s an implied criticism in that phrase for your vacation destination of choice. The criticism is: Why would you go there more than once? Or why do you go there so often, rather than going somewhere else? In other words:

What’s wrong with you?

Vegas Strip

I never get tired of seeing the Strip lit up at night

Rather cheeky, isn’t it, to criticize someone else’s vacation choice? I know several people who spend the same week every year on the coast of Maine. Some of them even rent the same cottage on the same beach every year. Nobody ever says to them, “You’re going there again???” So why is it okay for people to criticize those of us who are repeat Vegas (or Disney World) visitors? At least I can lay claim that Vegas feels like a new city between trips, since it is constantly growing and changing every year. How much does the little town on the coast of Maine change from year to year, do you suppose?

In a one-year time span in Las Vegas, new shows debut and old ones end their runs; new restaurants spring up where old ones have closed, older hotels are imploded and new ones celebrate openings, old attractions go by the wayside and new ones open to great fanfare. In the ten years I have been visiting Las Vegas, I have never had trouble filling my time with new activities, new restaurants to try, and new things to do.

But even if I did go back to the same hotel, same favorite restaurants, etc., would that be so bad? Wouldn’t it be exactly like going back to the same cottage on the same beach in Maine every year? And why do people do that, anyway?

TI Pool

I must be crazy to want this on my vacation--right?

Because sometimes, when we need a vacation, we just want to go back to a place that feels comfortable and familiar. I wrote a post about this recently on my other blog, SoloFriendly, called The Comfort of the Familiar. Some of the reasons we go back to the same place repeatedly are that it requires less planning and research (since we’ve been there before), we know where everything is, we know how everything works, and we don’t have to struggle to learn a new language or culture. Sometimes, vacations are about exploring new cultures and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones, and sometimes, it’s just meant to be a relaxing escape from our busy and stressful lives. When that’s the case, why not go to your Happy Place? Places like Las Vegas and Disney World allow you to have fun without having to work hard at it.

Let’s not forget too, that most tourist destinations depend on repeat visitors. So to visit the same place repeatedly is to show it your love by “voting with your wallet,” so to speak. I love Las Vegas. I show it by continuing to spend my money there.

So boo on the naysayers who try to make us feel bad for going back to the same vacation spot every year. Keep going and keep having fun, and don’t worry about what other people think. It’s your time, it’s your money, you’re allowed to spend it however you want.

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20 thoughts on ““You’re Going to Vegas. . .AGAIN?”

  1. Tracy Antonioli

    I love this post, and here’s why…

    First, I love Vegas. We’ve been there twice in two years, and on our second trip heard ‘why again?’

    Second, I totally agree that Vegas and Disney are the two places that people criticize for repeat visits. To add to that, I’d also argue that both Vegas and Disney warrant repeat trips. There’s just no way you can do everything in one trip–or even five. And yes, you are right–Vegas is ALWAYS changing. It changed in the 359 days between our two visits.

  2. Gray

    Exactly, Tracy. You can’t possibly do everything in one trip. I love destinations that always leave me wanting more. 🙂

  3. Tom S

    I went back to Orlando last month (for the first time in 15 years) and nobody said reacted with You’re going there again. It could be that it had been so long with it. Vegas and Orlando are places that do change alot and bring new things to them. I think alot of people don’t think of those places that way though.

  4. Gray

    You’re lucky, Tom. And you’re right, it’s probably because there was a 15-year gap between trips. I’m not sure anyone would give me a hard time if I waited that long between trips…but somehow, I just can’t seem to do it. 🙂

  5. Dave

    As someone who makes regular solo trips to both Las Vegas and Walt Disney World, I definitely know what you’re talking about here! I, like you, am always finding new things to do every time I visit. In fact, part of the fun of trip planning for me is coming up with that one new thing to try the next time….

  6. Gray

    Dave, you’re a kindred spirit! I’m like you, I always make sure I have new things to try on my next trip…

  7. Meshelle

    Tell me about it, I have been to vegas 4 times in 6 years and am going again in late November and instead of people being happy that I am going overseas ( Australian) all I hear is Vegas…. again ???

    You raised some great points which I will counter fire back at people who complain when I tell them where I am going again.

      1. cgerald1

        I usually respond with…”Your welcome to come.” Unfortunately, I haven’t had that many takers other than one good friend and my wife. The reality is I really do like Vegas and I don’t mind going alone. I always enjoy traveling with my wife but going to Vegas alone is fun too and a totally different experience. I run different hours, meet different people and do different things when I’m alone.

        1. Gray

          OMG, I’d never say that. They might take you up on it! I don’t mind spending parts of my Vegas vacation with friends, but I don’t think I really want someone there with me from start to finish. I go to Vegas because I need to get away from it all, not bring it with me. 😉

  8. todd boden

    people unfamiliar with Sin City assume you are a gambling addict or pick up prostitutes.

    1. Gray

      Sadly, I’m sure that’s true, Todd. I know that the first question people ask me when they hear that I go to Las Vegas all the time is “Oh, are you a gambler?” It takes a lot of self-restraint not to roll my eyes at them.

      1. Brad

        Gray -I have been “hooked” on Las Vegas since my first visit in1972. I visit at least twice a year and NEVER have had a problem finding new sights to see or activities to take part in. I have seen so much change over the years but see something new at each visit. I often travel solo and find it to be a very solo traveler city- never have a problem striking up a friendly conversation. I am looking forward to my next Vegas solo trip-it is already booked and planned!! P.S.-I am not a gambler!

        1. Gray Cargill Post author

          You and me both, Brad! I’ve never had a problem finding new things to do in Vegas. I’ve never seen a city change so much and so quickly as Vegas does.

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